You can buy products on our website with the following payment methods:

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard. This payment method speeds up the ordering process. In Mobile View you can also use the main prepaid credit cards.

Mobile View is aware of the confidentiality and security of information transmitted via the web: we use the TLS transfer protocol. Information and parameters passed through the client's browser are encrypted. All data entered during the process, including those related to credit cards, goes to the server in the form of encrypted information.

Payment by credit card is highly recommended in case of renewal of domains or products nearing the end of the term: this guarantees that the renewal process takes place in real time, eliminating the risk of the product expiring while waiting for payment confirmation.

PayPal is the #1 payment solution in the world with over 150 million accounts. Mobile View uses PayPal for its own needs, but also makes this solution available to its customers through its e-Commerce packs.

You can make your payment by ATM, the reference service of SIBS and case of international success. You can make the payment anywhere and at any time, all you need is a bank card with an MB component.

You can make your payment by Bank transfer Bank transfer is a supported payment method for all Mobile View products. During the purchase or renewal process, select bank transfer as your payment method and proceed with the transfer. The IBAN to which the bank transfer will be indicated during the procedure, or is available in your customer area. Login with your registration credentials, insert your Username and password to access.
Once payment has been made, send a copy of your transfer order to 



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