Transport and Delivery Conditions

THE Mobile View sends material to the entire continent and islands, via carrier or CTT, with a transport cost of €8 for orders up to 30Kg. For higher weights, the cost of postage will be previously communicated to the customer.

If desired, the customer may pick up the order at the premises of Mobile View without any cost.
Shipments to Mainland Portugal are usually delivered overnight (working day). For the Azores and Madeira it usually takes 3 to 5 days.

THE Mobile View is not responsible for any delay in delivery by the carrier, in relation to the expected delivery dates, not giving the customer the right to any compensation.

Upon receipt of the order, the customer must verify the existence of any irregularity in the outer packaging (e.g. crumpled, torn packaging, etc.), or in its contents, which must be communicated to Mobile View on the day of delivery.

If the customer refuses to receive or pick up the order, he may Mobile View, require you to pay the costs and expenses inherent to the respective shipment.

 Purchase Resolution

If the customer wishes to terminate the contract, he has 14 days from the date of delivery of the products purchased through the website, without payment of compensation and without the need to indicate the reason.

However, the products must be returned in the conditions of use in which they were purchased, and must be delivered in the original packaging, with all accessories included. 
The above provisions do not apply to audio and video recordings, disks and computer programs if the inviolability guarantee seal has been removed.

THE Mobile View reserves the right not to accept articles that do not comply with these conditions. The refund will be made within the legal period agreed with the customer. 

In case there are postage costs are will be da customer responsibility. Information regarding the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract is described in detail in Decree-Law no. 143/2001. 

In case of return of the order, without authorization from Mobile View, it will be sent back to the customer with the shipping costs to be borne. 

You reembolsos serão processados num prazo de 20 dias úteis através de Transferência bancária after good reception and verification of the products.

Bearing in mind hygiene rules, we may not be able to fully refund headphones and/or earphones that have been handled.

However, we want to emphasize the importance of:

.- If the item/s or item/s you purchased is defective, the law obliges stores to exchange or return the money paid for that item to the consumer (Decree Law nº383/89 of 6 November);

– However, if you purchased an item in good condition, without defect, the legislation does not provide for the right to repentance.

In cases of free Termination of Contract, the shipping costs for the return are the responsibility of the consumer, as stipulated in paragraph 2 of article 13 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 02/14.

Remember if! We do not accept returns or exchanges for Apple products that have been opened and/or activated. Customer must manage incidents for these products directly with Apple's warranty. 

Returns or exchanges are not accepted with the justification that "the customer does not like the product" or "the product does not meet the customer's expectations", that is, any return or exchange that is not related to the failure of the product or an error made for us. 

The return of products must be made to one of Mobile View's After-Sales Services by registered mail, regardless of whether they are refund, exchange or refund. 

Refunds will be processed within 5 business days via Bank Transfer. THEpost the good reception and verification of the products.


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